Handling the Demand – Getting into Tempo


Update (2/18/13): Reservation system is now live!


Yesterday, we launched Tempo Smart Calendar into the US App Store. We are excited but overwhelmed by the demand.

Making your calendar smart takes time and we wanted all of our users to experience Tempo Smart Calendar as quickly as they can. To mitigate some of the registration problems we faced yesterday, we are doing the following :

  1. You can install and register for Tempo
  2. You can connect your calendars and address book
  3. You can also connect your email but we are delaying the processing of your relevant email

What does this mean?

This means you will be able to experience all the beauty and most of the functionality of Tempo but you will not see related email and documents for your meetings until we’re ready. This also means that some of the contact suggestions in your calendar are not as accurate but it will improve when we process your relevant email, which may take a few weeks.

We hope this provides a good middle-ground so you can experience Tempo immediately and enjoy some of the richness in user experience but wait for more of the smarts!

Thank you again for your interest – keep the feedback coming,  Tempo is only going to get smarter and better!

Raj & Tempo Team

P.S. We are still gate-keeping registration but we will do our best to speed that up. Thanks for your patience.