Reservations and Tempo Update

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since we first launched Tempo and we have now enhanced over 25M+ calendar events!

The team has been working nearly 24/7 since launch to add and optimize for more capacity. Many of you are not yet in Tempo and we’re working to get you in as fast as we can. Many of you are in Tempo and we very much appreciate your feedback and support. We are reading each and every email, Tweet, Facebook post and more and we will continue to improve the Tempo experience.

Over the coming weeks, we are planning to add 1-2K users per day via our reservation system. We know that’s not a “big” number and some of you may be disappointed, but please understand that our goal is to add users while also maintaining a good user experience for our existing users. Making your calendar smart requires significant up-front email processing and as the only calendar in the App Store that supports Exchange, Tempo is breaking new ground and with that comes a lot of unexplored territory that we are working through.

We are of-course continuing to make software and hardware changes to be able to accommodate a much more accelerated pace but that will take some time and we will continue to keep you updated at this blog and at our Twitter stream.

More Countries

We’ve received a lot of interest from potential users around the world. Like Siri, Tempo is semantic – it understands locations, phone number patterns, common conference call patterns, common nicknames, addresses and so forth. Each country and language requires special work for Tempo Smart Calendar to work well. We want to bring Tempo to as many countries as we can but we are initially focused on the US and will then focus on other English speaking countries first. We don’t yet have a timeline for this but it’s certainly high on our priority list!

Thanks again for all of your support and we appreciate you hanging-in there.

Raj & Tempo Team


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