Tempo Reservations Are Now Live!


Thanks again for all of your patience through this process, it’s been a herculean effort over the past 5 days.

If you are not a user of Tempo, to claim your reservation:

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Download/Update Tempo Smart Calendar (1.0.3)
  3. Open Tempo

You will be given a place in line, similar to the screenshot on the left. Please don’t delete the app otherwise you will lose your place in line. We will email and notify you as soon as you are next! Our goal is to get all of you into Tempo as fast as we can while making sure we can continue to provide the best possible experience to our existing users.

Please note that the line may not move or move slowly at first. We are initially focused on improving the Tempo experience for existing users but we are hoping to accelerate this as fast as we can. Please do download Tempo to reserve your spot in line. We will continue to post more updates at this blog and at our Twitter @tempoai

Existing Users

If you are an existing user, we also encourage you to update to the latest Tempo. Please continue to send your feedback or support questions to support@tempo.ai or on Twitter @tempoai. We are reading each and every comment and addressing them as fast as we can.

Additionally, we will begin processing your email and documents over the next several days. Stay tuned, your Tempo experience will improve and you will start seeing related email, documents and more AI for each event.

Why Are We Doing Reservations?

Making your calendar smart takes time. Tempo has to do significant computation to determine what people, places, email, documents, conference calls, birthdays, flights and more are relevant to each meeting. Reservations allows us to gradually let users into Tempo while maintaining a good user experience for our existing users. We know it’s not perfect but our goal is to get all of you into Tempo Smart Calendar as fast as we can.

And we obviously don’t like that you have to wait and so we thought we would have some fun. We’ve identified a range of lucky numbers internally; if you hit this number in line, we will mail you a free Tempo t-shirt (and they are pretty cool)!

Thanks again for being our fans – Tempo is only going to get better!

Raj & Tempo Team