• 1 People insights

    Put your best foot forward. Review your recent emails, discover mutual contacts, and check their Facebook and Google+ posts, tweets, AngelList, Crunchbase, Meetup groups, and more.


  • 2 Write it like you say it

    Tempo recognizes what kind of event, dates, time and recurrences. See your calendar conflicts while you type. Natural language input is the fastest way to create an event on the go.


  • 3 Say good-bye to passcodes

    Just put the dial-in phone number and passcode in your event notes or location. In one tap, you’re dialed into your conference call.


  • 4 Never leave them waiting

    Quickly send a pre-populated “Running Late” email or text to all of the attendees or just one person and let them know how long you’re delayed.


  • 5 Reminders built-in

    Get your to-do lists and deadlines front and center in your calendar. With iOS Reminders integrated you can add, review, and complete tasks right from Tempo.


  • 6 Get there on time

    Put the name of your meeting venue in the event title, and Tempo finds the address so you’re one tap away from directions, parking suggestions and estimated drive time.


  • 7 Find it quickly

    No need to hunt for the last email conversation or an important document. Tempo can find and neatly organize all of the emails and documents that pertain to a meeting.


  • 8 Company insights

    Discover your personal network and latest news about a company. Read their Crunchbase listing and the latest Google News and Yahoo! Finance.


  • 9 Reach them quickly

    All of the ways to connect with someone is one tap away. Tempo creates and maintains Profile Cards from your iPhone Contacts app, Outlook, Gmail and other connected accounts.

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  • 10 Flight status and details

    It’s never been easier to stay on top of flights. To get the status, gate and terminal in one tap, just put the airline and flight number in your event title or notes.


  • 11 Birthday wishes and gifts

    Connect your Facebook account to Tempo and in one tap you can post your birthday wishes on your friend’s wall. Be a generous friend and send a gift card with Yiftee.


  • 12 Put your alerts to work

    You can take immediate action from Tempo alerts. Dial into a conference call, check a flight status, get directions, contact a person and see the latest about people and companies.