Welcome! First, here’s a snapshot of the key points in our privacy policy:

  • Tempo Apps and Services builds an assistant experience based on your calendar and email communications by processing information in your other applications and accounts, but only after you give permission for Tempo to process information gathered from each these other apps or services.
  • The information that Tempo gathers from your usage may be analyzed in aggregate to improve the product user experience or in order to publish aggregate statistics.
  • We don’t share your personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes nor sell information that identifies you as an individual.
  • Your privacy and data security are very important to us. We have technologies, practices and mechanisms in place to protect it and describe those in detail in this policy.

Tempo AI Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the collection, use and transmission of data within Tempo’s Apps and Services (“Tempo”). For information about our services, please visit our website at www.tempo.ai.

This policy is effective as of, and was last updated on, January 18, 2014.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Thank you for visiting the Tempo AI, Inc. (“Tempo”) Apps and Services. This Privacy Policy describes:

  • how and why we collect certain information from you via the Website and the App;
  • how we use and with whom we share such information;
  • how you can access and update such information; and
  • the choices you can make about how we collect, use and share your information.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or our information collection and use practices, please contact us at privacy@tempo.ai.

Tempo’s Apps and Services provide smart calendar and professional networking functionality to help you get the most out of your day and your business and professional relationships. To do so, we ask you if we can consult other information stored in other applications (e.g. calendar, address book) or across your cloud (such as Google Mail, Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox etc). With your permission, we use this information to make relevant information about your meetings and professional networks easily accessible and actionable.

Users can access the Tempo Apps and Service via our website www.tempo.ai or on Devices, APIs, and third parties. A “Device” is any device used to access the Tempo Service, including without limitation a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other electronic device.  By using our Apps or Services, you are consenting to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure and other uses described in this Privacy Policy. The use of information collected through our service shall be limited to the purpose of providing the Service and operating Tempo.

Information We Collect

Log Data. We may collect certain technical information about your use of our products when you use them, and generally this is not information that could be used to identify you without reference to other information (collectively, “Usage Information”).  Like many applications and services, when you visit a website or download an app, you disclose certain information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the time of your visit, mobile operating system type, browser type, mobile device type, the identity of your internet service provider (ISP), and/or frequency and duration of App usage.  Tempo, like many other services, may record this basic information. This does not include demographic information about you. We track and reference your Usage Information to better understand how effective our Apps are and how visitors interact with them.

Information You Provide. You have the opportunity to submit Personal Information to us through the App in several ways, and such information will be used as described in this policy to enhance your App experience:

Account Information. To use our Apps and Services, you must register either by (1) connecting through a third party client such as Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, in which case we may collect information from the service you used, including information that you make generally available to third parties on these services, or (2) open an account with us by providing your email address and a password directly to us.  Account information may also include your credit card and billing information, where applicable. We refer to these items collectively in this policy as “Account Information.”

Calendar Information. The Tempo Apps and Services may be used by connecting and interoperating with your Google or Exchange calendar, or a similar calendar upon your direction. The App will have access to any such calendars you indicate you wish to integrate.

Contact Information. If you choose to allow us to access information from your contacts or address book, we may fetch and display it in real-time in connection with an event, use it to generate relevant information about the contact we may collect from elsewhere on the Internet, and use it to provide you with insights about your events and the people involved.  If you choose to allow this, your contact information will be stored on our servers, but, as we explain in detail below, this is to facilitate your communications with them – not to independently solicit them. We will never email or SPAM your personal contacts. We store contact information on our servers so that you can easily communicate with them from within Tempo.

Third Party Account Information. The App offers you value by integrating information from your accounts with other applications and services. When you initialize the App, it will ask if you would like to consult such third party services such as Facebook, Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn and Google Maps, as well as your device storage and, at your option, your address book. Upon your request, the App will use the information you input about these accounts, such as (i) login credentials in the form of an access token (which may in some cases include a user name and password); (ii) your profile within that account; (iii) any unique user ID associated with that account by the third party provider; (iv) the contacts associated with that account; and (v) the other contents of that account, which may include items like your location, connections, network or email correspondence contained in the account. Your device storage or address books may also be referenced to improve the information the App has about your appointments and meetings. We refer to these items collectively in this policy as “Third Party Account Information.” We ask your permission before accessing any particular Third Party Account, but once we have obtained your permission to access any particular account we will not separately ask your permission to access any piece of information in that account or to otherwise permit the App to interact with Third Party Account Information (subject to restrictions of that third party account). Please do not give your permission for us to access a third party account if you do not want us to have access to all of the associated Third Party Account Information.

Location Information. You may allow the App to use your location through the standard Apple location permission pop-up if you use the App on an iPhone, or by turning on “location services” on your Android phone. If you click to allow or have location services on, the App will continue to use your location to improve the functionality available to you through the App, for example by suggesting locations for a meeting nearby.

As of the date of this policy, you can choose to allow the App to access and use information from the following third party accounts to improve your App experience: Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Google Maps, FourSquare, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, among others. Tempo continuously strives to integrate useful third party services into its systems, and may also integrate services like Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter, and Salesforce in the future with your permission.  Once you have enabled access to any of these third party accounts, the App will continue to refer to that account until you disable access by updating your App settings to opt back out of such individual account access.

Cookies:  When you visit our website (www.tempo.ai), we place a session cookie on your computer to recognize you when you login and operate your account while you’re on the website, as well as to monitor all our users’ behavior and improve our website functionality.  A “cookie” is a small piece of computer code that a website places on your computer to facilitate communications with that computer.  You can change your browser setting to disable cookies, but if you do so please note that some of our website features may not work properly.  We do not use cookies to advertise to you or to allow third parties to do so.

Analytics: We may use a third party tracking service such as Flurry, Kontagent, or Google Analytics to track and analyze information from users of our Services, but such information does not generally include personally-identifiable information about individual users.  To the extent our analytics reveal metrics about individual users, such metrics are internal to Tempo.  These third parties may use Cookies to help track user behavior. The use of these Cookies by third parties is not covered by our privacy policy. We do not have access or control over these Cookies.

To improve our products and services and to make suggestions to you about how to use them more effectively, we may occasionally use user information on our systems to (1) alert users to certain usage statistics we think might be helpful or relevant to them, either concerning their use or the practices of groups of users, in the aggregate (2) help users make and accept introductions that might be valuable, (3) rank contacts and other users in order of relevance to an event or other App use case, (4) help users organize and manage their network of connections, (5) recommend other professionals you might wish to meet, and (6) provide other insights about users’ network that we think might be useful to those users.

App Learning. To make the App more useful for you, our systems track the selections you and other users make over time that show which of our suggested additions to your calendar event were most relevant or useful (“Learned Information”). For example, if you identify a dinner companion as “Jonny D” and click to associate the contact information for a “John Dilinger” in your calendar event, our App will suggest John Dilinger as an attendee at a later dinner you say you have with a “Johnny D.” It may also suggest that a third party’s calendar note to meet with “Johnny D” in the same area is the same John Dilinger. You can tell the App that its prediction was incorrect.

Insights and Tempo Enhancements.  We also use information you input to show you additional relevant or interesting information about the people you’re meeting with or might wish to meet with in the future.  For example, we may use information about persons in your network (gathered through Facebook according to its privacy settings or through your use of Tempo and the information we’ve accessed with your consent in email accounts, address books, etc.) to display mutual contacts you share with other meeting attendees (whether or not the mutual contact is a Tempo user).  We may also display the relative strength of your connections – for example, we’d present a contact with whom you and the other attendee met frequently as “stronger” than an attendee that you’ve met only once.  We won’t, however, explain to you or the other attendees exactly what we used to suggest the connection was a strong one.

We may also suggest ways you can more effectively interact with your contacts or other participants in your meeting.  For example, we may analyze your responses to meeting invitations to recognize that you generally schedule meetings in the morning and suggest to another user that they propose a morning call.  However, if we make such a suggestion, we will not reveal the basis for our recommendation (nor any personal information upon which we based that recommendation) to the other Tempo user.

How We Use Information Collected from You

How We Use Your Personal Information

We may use the Personal Information we collect (including any information from other applications where you have consented to our accessing what is stored in that application) as follows:

Account Information

  • to provide and improve our Service
  • to sign you in to your account or to reference that account;
  • for our internal records, tracking, and business purposes;
  • to send notices to other users or other persons as you direct through our Products and Services
  • to contact you in order to provide updates on our technology, policies, and procedures or about your account
  • to contact you to respond to your questions or to provide you with technical support; and
  • to send you push alerts and emails that enhance your experience and suggest actions that you can take relative to items such as events, people and locations in your calendar and emails.

Third Party Account Information

  • to display emails that may be associated with your calendar events and to suggest additional information for your calendar events based on your email;
  • to display notes or other records on your device or in your third party accounts that appear relevant to your calendar event, allow you to associate such items with the calendar event for easy access, and to suggest additional information for your calendar events;
  • to display information from your social network accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others that you have connected to Tempo and display information from such accounts within the App according to your privacy settings on the applicable third party platform;
  • to predict and save the location of your calendar event or help you access directions to the event;
  • to provide you with links to more information about people the App thinks may be associated with your event, such as their LinkedIn profile;
  • to provide helpful information (such as the best place to park for your meeting, convenient access to relevant emails, associated meeting notes, agendas, flight statuses related to an event, restaurant menus for the event location, and relevant information from public services like Bloomberg, among many others) to you within the App;
  • for our internal records, tracking, and business purposes; and
  • to complete commands or answer requests you make in the App.

Calendar Information

  • to form the basis for event intelligence within the App;
  • to compare against other App users’ calendars to highlight common events, including those associated with the one actually on your calendar and to populate information about your events based on what others’ have input;
  • for our internal records, tracking, and business purposes; and
  • to complete commands or answer requests you make in the App.

Contact Information

  • to provide you with a means to quickly message or contact other event attendees;
  • to display contacts you share with other Tempo users and/or to evaluate and display the strength of your connection to that user; and
  • to provide insights about Tempo users based on their meta patterns such as tends to start the day early, likes to book lunch meetings, or other such high-level denotations;
  • to allow users to share their availability, or share users’ availability on their behalf, with other event attendees and Tempo users.

Learned Information

  • to help display more relevant suggestions for you within the App;
  • to generate, improve and access a shared calendar with other individuals if you opt-into such functionality;
  • for our internal records, tracking, and business purposes; and
  • to complete commands or answer requests you make in the App.

From time to time we may also use Personal Information gathered through the App to generate aggregate reports about our App usage or event attendance (“Reports”). These reports use anonymized, aggregate data and are constructed to avoid the identification of any particular individual within the data set.

App Learning occurs across users and accounts to optimize its effectiveness; as a result, if you delete your account, some App Learning information that was created through your usage will remain on our systems and will be used on a continuous basis to improve them, though we do not believe that any retained App Learning information could be used to identify any individual user.

How We Use Your Non-Personal Information

Usage Information collected from you is used for various purposes, such as:

  • to improve our products and services;
  • to customize the user experience of the App;
  • to administer the App; and
  • to analyze trends, track user movement and gather statistical information for aggregate use.

Sharing of Your Information

Unless we obtain your consent, we will not share your Personal Information with third parties other than as provided in this Privacy Policy. However, your cellular data provider will have access to information generated and transmitted by the App, as with any mobile application running on your smartphone, to provide you with mobile service.  We may share your Personal Information with third parties in one or more of the following ways:

Tempo Requests, Enriched Events, and Groups

You can use the App to send notices about your meeting to other attendees (e.g., that you will be late), in which case identifying information about you (such as a phone number) will be sent to the people you ask that we contact.  If we think we can add value by providing Tempo users with analyses of event-related items based on publicly- available information or information our users have consented to provide, we may display that information to you and other Tempo users. For example, we may show users attending the same meeting their shared contacts for use as icebreakers.

If you choose to create or participate in a group within our Services and to populate that group with information of any kind, we will share the uploaded or associated information among the entire group.


We may share your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information with any parent or subsidiaries, or other companies or entities that control, are controlled by or under common control with us, in which case we will require such parties to honor this Privacy Policy with respect to such shared information.

Third Party Service Providers

We may provide your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to third party companies to perform services on our behalf, including e-mail delivery, hosting services, data backups, analytics, customer service and data analysis (e.g., we currently use Amazon to host data gathered by the App). We may use independent contractors to provide services on our behalf and they may have technical access your Personal Information in the course of providing those services. We require such third party service providers to agree contractually to maintain the confidentiality of the information disclosed to them and to not use your Personal Information for any purpose other than to provide services to us.

Safety, Security and Compliance with Law

We may disclose any information, including Personal Information, we deem necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, to enforce our rights or to protect the safety and security of our App or other users.

Business Transactions

In the event we undergo a business transition, such as a major investment transaction, merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, we may transfer your Personal Information to the actual or intended investor or successor organization in such transaction or permit its examination under confidentiality restrictions by our counterparty. If material changes to our privacy practices will occur as a result of the business transition, we will make a reasonable attempt to notify you by sending you an email alerting you to the business transition.

Accuracy Review

In rare instances we use select employees to review our past or potential calendar recommendations and associated information, which may, for example, include the calendar event and a location our systems associated with that event (1) in order to assess how well our technology is functioning and (2) in connection with customer service requests. These reviewers see only tiny subset of anonymized, event-related information from any group of users and for any particular event. Such reviewers cannot access any user’s personal calendar.


In the future, we may share Reports with third parties who may be interested in their statistical conclusions, but such reports will reflect information about our aggregate user base rather than any information that identifies specific individual users.

Do Not Track Mechanisms

Because of the nature of our Services, we do not have the capacity to track or recognize “do not track” functionality through our website or our App at this time.

Other Third Parties and Your California Privacy Rights

As of January 6, 2014, we do not engage in any direct marketing or targeted third party advertisements, either via e-mail or through the use of cookies or other technical means within the App and therefore do not use your username or e-mail address for such purposes. We are therefore not subject to the requirements of California Civil Code 1798.83.

In the future we may offer an application-programming interface (i.e., and “API”) that allows third parties to build tools that are inter-operative with our Services.  You may have the opportunity to authorize such third parties to access your account.  As with other third party platforms and links you can integrate with Tempo, Tempo has no control over such third party sites or their data handling practices, and those sites’ own privacy policies govern their use of your data.  We encourage you to review any such policies before authorizing any connection to Tempo.

How to Access and Update Your Personal Information

At any time, you may contact us to request that we make changes to your Personal Information or delete your account entirely. If you contact us to request that we delete your account, we will delete your Account Information within 24 hours. Other information gathered by the App will be cycled off of our servers within about six weeks. You can also delete the information the App has about you within the settings of the App, so you should do this before deleting your account if you want your information off of our systems in less than about six weeks.

However, Learning Information will remain on our servers because it helps us continue to improve our products and is relevant to optimizing systems for other users. For example, we may still use Learning Information that indicates a particular Starbucks is a common meeting place for users in your industry and location in order to suggest it to similar users after you delete your account.

We provide an in-App mechanism allowing you to see which items of Personal Information we possess about you and modify those items. If you have trouble accessing this feature, please email us at privacy@tempo.ai and we will assist you.

Please note that to the extent you have chosen to integrate any third party account, we will collect information directly from that account; as a result, to update or modify such information, you must do so through the applicable third party account.  Changes made within our Services are not pushed to third party services, and we have no ability to have information held by such third parties deleted if you choose to delete your Tempo account.

We may send you emails with updates about our product from time to time or messages from our partners with a link to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive them.

How We Secure Your Information

Tempo uses reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect user’s Personal and Non-Personal Information, online, offline, and in cloud storage. When you use our App in conjunction with a third party account, the applicable third party controls transmissions to and from its servers, including any security on those transmissions.

We use cloud service providers to host some of our services and we may change cloud providers at any time without updating this policy or notifying you specifically. Generally we select hosting, backup, and other cloud service providers who store information we send to them behind firewalls or similar mechanisms.

Transmissions between our systems and individuals performing an Accuracy Review, as well as all transmissions between the App and Tempo servers, are conducted over HTTPS. Transmissions to and from third party accounts are secured according to the standards used by those accounts.

Our employees are generally subject to restrictions that limit their use of information obtained from us to what’s necessary to serve you or improve the App.

While we take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches of the App, our customer databases, and records, no Internet transmission is completely secure, and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We urge you to take steps to keep your Personal Information safe (including your Account Information and Third Party Account Information), and log out of your accounts after use, if applicable.

Our Policies Concerning Children

The App is not intended for children under the age of 13 and we do not knowingly collect any Personal Information from such children. Children under the age of 13 should not use the App or our online services at any time. In the event that we learn that we have inadvertently gathered Personal Information from children under the age of 13, we will use our best efforts to erase such information from our records.

Data Processing Locations

We may at any time process, upload, or display information in a jurisdiction outside of the United States.  While your use of the Services is governed by United States law as provided by our terms of service, you hereby acknowledge and agree that our activities outside of the United States may be governed by one or more foreign laws.  You should only use Tempo (particularly outside of the United States) if you accept such foreign processing.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If we make material changes to our Privacy Policy, we will post any Privacy Policy changes on this page, and if changes are material (as determined in our sole discretion) we will provide a more prominent notice, such as an email notification to the last email address you provided us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices, please send an email to privacy@tempo.ai.

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